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Re: Problems with LibreOffice4

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 01:10:27PM +0000, Henk Stuijts wrote:
> I open any files in either .txt, .doc, .docx and parts of the text are 
> missing and replaced by a red line.

Perhaps you need to install more fonts?
I'm just guessing though.

> And what about the java? I do have openjdk, how can I add it to the path? 
> Maybe some configuration file? 

The MESSAGE says:

To enable Java support, please set JDK path in Tools->Options->Advanced.

This worked for me.

I've just grepped my libreoffice configuration directory for the Java
path, and only found one match. Compare the attached file with your file in
and merge the relevant lines. You need to have openjdk7 installed.
Good luck.

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