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Problems with LibreOffice4

After installing Netbsd 6.1.4/amd64 and already with a few problems, I've then 
installed pkgin and installed Libreoffice4 from the ftp binary servers.

I've followed the instructions and created /etc/rc.d/cupds and /etc/rc.d/slpd 
and added 
to rc.conf.

Restarted the system, when opening libreoffice from command line, I get:
 javaPathHelper: not found
javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment!
Warning: failed to read path from javaldx

and all existing .doc and .docx files are messed up! (I can see them ok on 
another Linus system with L.O. 4.

I do have openjdk installed, I wonder how I can add it to the path, because if 
I go to Tools> Option> Advanced, the path is greyed out and it won't let me add 

I really need LO for my work, if it doesn't work ok I might have to quit.


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