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Re: Sorting problem with pkg_chk -b

On Sat, 16 Aug 2014, Marc Baudoin wrote:
Marc Baudoin <> écrit :
When two versions of a binary packages are available, say package-XXnb9 and packageXXnb10 or later (same package, same version, only nb version differs and the newest one is greater or equal to 10), pkg_chk -b installs nb9 and not the newest version. It looks like it's using lexicographic order instead of numeric.

The problem appears to be in the ${SORT} invocation on line 77 of pkg_chk:

76             # Sort so highest matching package picked first
77             PKGNAMES="$(echo $PKGNAMES | tr ' ' '\n' | ${SORT} -r)"

I'd suggest fixing it by adding a "sort" sub-command to pkg_admin(8), to sort a list of version numbers, but perhaps somebody else can see how to use some existing pkg_admin sub-commands to achieve the desired result.

Anyway, please report this problem via send-pr, so it can be assigned a tracking number.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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