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Re: Sorting problem with pkg_chk -b

Marc Baudoin <> écrit :
> I recently upgraded pkg_chk to 2.0.8 and I noticed some wrong
> behavior (can't tell if it's new or is it's been around for quite
> some time).
> When two versions of a binary packages are available, say
> package-XXnb9 and packageXXnb10 or later (same package, same
> version, only nb version differs and the newest one is greater or
> equal to 10), pkg_chk -b installs nb9 and not the newest version.
> It looks like it's using lexicographic order instead of numeric.
> I haven't checked the code yet but is it its normal behavior, is
> it a known issue or a new bug?

This problem I reported in April is still present.

Worse, When binary packages for (I just had the problem)
subversion-base-1.8.9 and subversion-base-1.8.10 are available,
pkg_chk -ab installs subversion-base-1.8.9.

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