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Re: pbulk Builds Made Easy (removal of old bulk build support)


Aleksej Saushev <> writes:

> I was working on updating The pkgsrc Guide to describe new bulk builds,
> and it has occurred to me that the explaining it in human language
> isn't what a user would want actually. While exploring how to explain it
> I have written a script that automates pbulk deployment and setup (attached).
> Currently the whole setup of a dedicated machine (real one, VM,
> chroot environment, FreeBSD jail, Solaris zone, or other similar thing)
> is reduced to three commands:
> (cd /usr && cvs -Q -z3 -d get 
> -P pkgsrc)
> sh -n # for NetBSD, no "-n" for other systems, I used FreeBSD to 
> test it
> /usr/pbulk/bin/bulkbuild
> It supports setting pbulk up for building selected list of packages,
> the routine changes to
> sh -nl
> cp pbulk.list /usr/pbulk/etc/pbulk.list
> /usr/pbulk/bin/bulkbuild
> Thus, the script goes well along "five knobs" approach to human-machine
> interfaces. (In addition it can be used in more complex setups,
> I'm experimenting with automation of parallelized bulk builds
> using the same script.)
> Now it is polished to a state that the guide would just follow the code.
> I find explaining what the code does step by step stupid, it is only 200 
> lines.
> Hence I propose the following:
>  - find a place in pkgsrc tree where we could put it;
>  - change bulk build instructions in the Guide to suggest using the script
>    (mentioning potential modification of it for advanced users);
>  - schedule removal of old bulk build code.

I'm reminding about this script. You can find new version in

Since the first publication it has been heavily tested on NetBSD,
FreeBSD, and openSUSE. Since I haven't received any feedback,
I'm going to put it (newer version) into mk/bulk and amend instructions
in the Guide.

If you want to know the rationale behind the choice, here it is:

1. The script doesn't belong to documentation. It is ready to run and
is used in production. (E.g. all FreeBSD reports on pkgsrc-bulk are
produced with one or another version of it.)

2. The script doesn't belong to any package. It is meant to be run _before_
even pkgsrc tools are bootstrapped.

3. mk/scripts contains significantly different stuff, those scripts are
not meant for user consumption.

Thus the closest places for it are mk/bulk and bootstrap.


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