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pbulk Builds Made Easy (removal of old bulk build support)


I was working on updating The pkgsrc Guide to describe new bulk builds,
and it has occurred to me that the explaining it in human language
isn't what a user would want actually. While exploring how to explain it
I have written a script that automates pbulk deployment and setup (attached).
Currently the whole setup of a dedicated machine (real one, VM,
chroot environment, FreeBSD jail, Solaris zone, or other similar thing)
is reduced to three commands:

(cd /usr && cvs -Q -z3 -d get -P 
sh -n # for NetBSD, no "-n" for other systems, I used FreeBSD to test 

It supports setting pbulk up for building selected list of packages,
the routine changes to

sh -nl
cp pbulk.list /usr/pbulk/etc/pbulk.list

Thus, the script goes well along "five knobs" approach to human-machine
interfaces. (In addition it can be used in more complex setups,
I'm experimenting with automation of parallelized bulk builds
using the same script.)

Now it is polished to a state that the guide would just follow the code.
I find explaining what the code does step by step stupid, it is only 200 lines.
Hence I propose the following:
 - find a place in pkgsrc tree where we could put it;
 - change bulk build instructions in the Guide to suggest using the script
   (mentioning potential modification of it for advanced users);
 - schedule removal of old bulk build code.

Description: Bourne shell script


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