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Re: How to remove pkgsrc orphan dependencies?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> Primarily my question was born out of curiosity, to discover if there
> was a native way to delete orphaned packages. As I understand only
> pkgin does this directly.

It makes sense to me to think about removing orphans.  I thought you
were trying to mark things to be kept because they were orphans and that
bothered you.

> However, as other tools have been pointed out (pkg_leaves for example
> and your script), they produce a different result from pkgin. The
> latter offers in my case 103 packages to delete, while pkg_leaves
> points to 46.

I am not sure, but here's a theory:

  My script (definitely) only lists things that (are automatic and)
  *currently* have do depending packages.   I suspect pkg_leaves does
  that too.

  It makes sense to say also "and if those were removed, what wouldn't
  have depending packages", and to do that repeatedly.  I am pretty sure
  pkgin does this.

> It's not that I have a problem with that. I was just curious to
> understand why pkgin sees more orphans than otherwise.

So I bet if you run my script, remove the orphans, and  repeat until you
get none, and save all the files, and add up the count, it will match

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