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Re: How to remove pkgsrc orphan dependencies?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> I could possibly mark cmake, gmake, autoconf, pkg-config, zip and
> x11-links as keepable, but why do I have to versions of autoconf, when
> I used -current only once and never updated it?

I really don't understand where your concern is coming from.   It would
help if you made some of your assumptions more explicit.   Specifically,
you say "I could mark these keepable", but that doesn't make sense to
me, and you don't say what you are expecting to gain by doing so, or
what your goals are.

My goals are usually:

  to keep all packages up-to-date with respect to the pkgsrc branch or
  (head) that I am using on a machine

  to remove packages that are unnecessary to avoid clutter

If you as a user actually want autoconf on your system because *you*
want to run it, then you should mark it keepable/non-automatic.  If you
don't care if it's there or not, don't.  That's really all there is to
it - it's about telling the packaging system which packages you actually
want installed.  pkgsrc (with pkgin ar, pkg_leaves, etc.) will then
manage removing things that are unwanted/unnecessary.  (A second-order
concern is that removing things that are BUILD_DEPENDS will just cause
them to grow back.  But for most things, that's not a real issue.  So if
you needed gcc48 as a dependency, you might want to mark it
non-automatic to avoid it having to be rebuilt.)

The reason for two versions of autoconf has nothing to do with mixing or
switching branches.  Some programs need old versions of autoconf to
build, and that's what autoconf213 is for.

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