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Re: fonts/harfbuzz fails to build saying can't find ft2build.h

On Fri, 13 Jun 2014 08:10:08 +0900, J. Lewis Muir 
<> wrote:

Interesting.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
Investigating more, the problem seems to be that I upgraded from XQuartz
2.7.5 to 2.7.6, and in 2.7.6, the locations of the freetype include
files have changed.  When I revert back to XQuartz 2.7.5, fonts/harfbuzz
builds fine.

I tried a build from scratch of pkgsrc with XQuartz 2.7.6 installed, and
I get the same failure in fonts/harfbuzz.  So, I think the problem is
that pkgtools/x11-links needs to know about these new file locations.
It doesn't appear to have anything specific for Darwin or XQuartz
right now.  In Makefile, if ${X11BASE}/bin/Xquartz exists, it includes  But the paths in files/xorg.freetype2 are not right for
XQuartz 2.7.6.

How to proceed?  Should I take a stab at fixing this?  If so, any
suggestion on the best way to do it?  Or maybe a pkgsrc expert has
time to deal with it?  Or maybe I should not be trying to use XQuartz?
Should I be using X11_TYPE=modular instead?  Should I be using
PREFER_PKGSRC=yes instead?

Could you provide missing files in xorg.freetype2 for XQuartz 2.7.6?
Other xorg.* files also may be missing something.
OBATA Akio /

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