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Re: Best pdf viewer in pkgsrc?

On 12 June 2014 13:53, herbert langhans <> wrote:
> Maybe somebody else out there can install xpdf and verify if there is a
> bug in the package or something went wrong with your libraries or what
> your compiler made out of it.
> Or deinstall all with the dependencies and compile it again. Some
> outdated libraries or such on your computer? Anyway - xpdf seems to be
> kosher, at least on my comp

I'm (I was) running amd64/6.1.3-patch. What happened was that xpdf
also installed ghostscripts fonts as a dependency. This messed up all
my fonts. After removing xpdf I also removed the ghostscripts fonts
and this butchered my installation and now I have a broken system.

I also have mix and matched dependencies for Firefox 28 and 29 and
that could have been one of the reasons.

I'll wait for the end of the month with the new stable release and
rebuild the system from there


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