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Re: Best pdf viewer in pkgsrc?

    From: Ottavio Caruso <> [140612 
    >     The same:
    >     bash-4.3$ xpdf -v
    >     xpdf version 3.03
    >     Copyright 1996-2011 Glyph & Cog, LLC
    >     --
    >     Ottavio
    > Now I ran out of ideas. You said, that the zoom settings apply only to
    > the first page. From the second on it switches back to xpdf's defaults.
    > Is that right? Or does it apply only to chapters?
    > herb
    Only when I switch to another chapter.
    And another thing: my fonts are slightly messed up after installing xpdf.

Hi Ottavio,
I tried it again - switching between chapters doesnt change the zoom
settings what I defined in .Xdefaults. NetBSD 5.1.2 running here.

Maybe somebody else out there can install xpdf and verify if there is a
bug in the package or something went wrong with your libraries or what
your compiler made out of it.

Or deinstall all with the dependencies and compile it again. Some
outdated libraries or such on your computer? Anyway - xpdf seems to be
kosher, at least on my comp.

herb langhans

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