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Re: pkg_rolling-replace and removed or renamed packages

  from :

  Removed math/gcalctool-gtk3 successor math/gnome-calculator [prlw1 2014-01-25]
  Added math/gnome-calculator version 3.10.2 [prlw1 2014-01-25] 

  Question is how to update a package when the name changes, remove a
  package and update with a different or differently named package, with
  pkg_rolling-replace or otherwise.

This is awkward.  I do something like

  make OLDNAME=gcalctook-gtk3 replace

But I sometimes just pkg_delete (and sometimes pkg_delete -f) the former

One thing that would be nice is if pkg_delete -f set unsafe_depends on
everything that used to depend on the force-deleted package.  This might
actually work, but I think the unsafe_depends logic is presently in make
replace rather than in pkg_add -U.

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