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Re: pkg_rolling-replace and removed or renamed packages

This happens from time to time indeed - especially if one follows pkgsrc -head.

I personally remove the package in question temporarily (if it is a
leaf, this would be no problem), then do the cvs update,
pkg_rolling-replace and then add the package in question. It may be
more involved if the offending package is used by other packages - in
this case I manually follow the 'make update' logic - or if I decide
it won't cause too much problems, 'make replace'.


On 27 January 2014 01:27, Thomas Mueller <> 
> from :
> math/gcalctool-gtk3
> Removed math/gcalctool-gtk3 successor math/gnome-calculator [prlw1 2014-01-25]
> math/gnome-calculator
> Added math/gnome-calculator version 3.10.2 [prlw1 2014-01-25]
> Question is how to update a package when the name changes, remove a package 
> and update with a different or differently named package, with 
> pkg_rolling-replace or otherwise.
> I had this problem, resulting in several stops, when I did a massive 
> pkg_rolling-replace on NetBSD-current amd64 prior to building 
> devel/subversion.
> FreeBSD has a way to do this with portmaster or portupgrade, at least for one 
> port at a time, I believe it would be, from memory,
> portmaster -o math/gnome-calculator math/gcalctool-gtk3
> or similar with portupgrade, except these tools are not available for NetBSD.
> Tom


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