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Re: dconf dependency, where?

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 02:28:20PM +0100, Volkmar Seifert wrote:
> this might be a kind of stupid question, but why not let those packages that 
> require dconf depend on it directly, as it is done with so many other 
> dependencies?
> I mean - let's keep things as simple as possible, and thus the 
> dependency-tree as direct and obvious as possible.
> If gnucash depends on dconf, it has to get this as dependency. If gnucash 
> depends on it only through intermediate packages, it's those that should get 
> the dependency-entry.

Of course, that's a valid point of view, but if it's basically all
(gnome?) packages, then we should perhaps find another place. Perhaps
I was asking too early, let's see how many packages need it.

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