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Re: Detecting OS-provided software on Linux

Iain Morgan <> writes:

> As a trivial example, I built lang/go using pkgsrc on an RHEL 6.5
> system. To satisfy dependencies, pkgsrc had to install pax, bash, and
> perl; all of which were already on the system and the names were
> comparable to what pkgsrc used. In another case, I built xlockmore and
> found that pkgsrc installed 107 packages to satisfy dependencies. I
> expect that the majority of those dependencies were already satisfied by
> native packages, and at least some of them matched the names used by
> pkgsrc.

First, using external dependencies is significantly less reliable,
thus by default the pkgsrc version ought to be used for the benefit of users.

The framework is mostly there, you can help with implementing missing parts.


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