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Re: Broken system after "pkgin full-upgrade"

On 20 January 2014 23:01, David Lord <> wrote:
> Does output from "pkg_info -a" look ok?
> It's possibly worth doing
> "pkg_admin check"
> and if that throws up errors
> "pkg_admin reuild-tree" or even "pkg_admin rebuild"

Too late, unfortunately. Good idea, I didn't think about it. I needed
a productive system back and I had to eradicate the whole /usr/pkg/*.

My feeling is that "pkgin full-upgrade" does what it says in the tin
to the letter, "Upgrade all packages to their newer versions present
in the repository" but without checking recursive dependencies. If
this is the case, it's a dangerous option and deserves at least a

It's weird, I ended up with package versions that were newer than the
ones on the repositories. Yesterday there was a massive package update
(look at the timestamps and you'll see lots of 19 January), I start
thinking the maintainer(s) might have released and then withdrawn some
new builds and I was unlucky to perform the upgrade in that tiny time
frame. And I was using the stable repos, not rel-eng.

Just speculating...


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