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Broken system after "pkgin full-upgrade"


As of few hours ago, I wanted to upgrade my version of Firefox. I had
the brilliant idea of upgrading the whole /usr/pkg system with pkgin.

So I fired "pkgin full-upgrade" and watched the show for about two hours.

I knew that something was going wrong when I observed many "sorry,
package xxxx couldn't be installed" or similar, but I dared not
interrupt the upgrade.

Eventually pkgin also upgrade pkgin itself and that's where I think
something went wrong.

I checked into /var/db/pkgin/pkg_install-err.log but there were no
recent errors.

Many packages can't be launched because of missing dependencies.

I can't install or reinstall any package with pkgin becasue I get this message:
pkgin: no packages have been installed with pkgin

I can't uninstall either:
pkgin: empty non-autoremovable package list

Is this fixable? Where would I start from?

Can pkgsrc be reset back to a clean state in any way?

bash-4.2# uname -a
NetBSD  6.1.2 NetBSD 6.1.2 (GENERIC) amd64



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