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Re: Broken system after "pkgin full-upgrade"

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 10:25:52PM +0100, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> Eventually pkgin also upgrade pkgin itself and that's where I think
> something went wrong.
> I checked into /var/db/pkgin/pkg_install-err.log but there were no
> recent errors.
> Many packages can't be launched because of missing dependencies.

These says I usually build my packages in a chrooted environment and use
a meta-pkg that contains all the stuff I normally want installed.  Once
that completes successfully I shift aside /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg then
copy the ones from the chroot into the correct location.  Much safer and

> Can pkgsrc be reset back to a clean state in any way?

move aside /usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg.  That should give you a clean

Brett Lymn
Staple Guns: because duct tape doesn't make that KerCHUNK sound -

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