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Re: Circular dependency in libtool-base

Am 11.10.2013 14:21, schrieb Jonathan Perkin:
> * On 2013-10-11 at 13:11 BST, Dirk Heinrichs wrote:
>> I've just bootstrapped PKGSRC on an AIX 6.1 machine, which went just
>> fine. However, next thing I wanted to do was to install gcc47, which
>> failed because of a circular dependency in libtool-base:
>> libtool-base -> gzip -> xz -> libtool-base
>> Any ideas how to overcome this issue? FWIW, gzip 1.2.4 is already
>> installed outside of PKGSRC, and can be found via $PATH.
> It isn't enough for it to be in $PATH, pkgsrc needs to be told that
> specific versions are to be used.
> Tools are handled in the mk/tools/tools.*.mk files for each platform,
> and AIX does not set a default for gzip, presumably as gzip is not
> available by default, hence why pkgsrc is trying to pull in a known
> version.
> What you need to do is set up the gzip-related variables manually in
> your mk.conf, so something like:
>   TOOLS_PLATFORM.gunzip=  /path/to/gzip -df
>   TOOLS_PLATFORM.gzcat=   /path/to/gzip -cd
>   TOOLS_PLATFORM.gzip=    /path/to/gzip -nf ${GZIP}
> After this you will need to 'bmake clean clean-depends' before trying
> again.

Thank a lot, build continues now...

> It would be great to have someone maintain AIX again, so let us know
> if there's anything we can do to help (add known paths for system
> gzip, etc).

I don't think there's something like system gzip. Looks like it has been
installed into /opt/freeware using rpm. But maybe putting a section
about TOOLS_PLATFORM.* into chapter 5 of the user guide would be an option.



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