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Re: Circular dependency in libtool-base

* On 2013-10-11 at 13:11 BST, Dirk Heinrichs wrote:

> I've just bootstrapped PKGSRC on an AIX 6.1 machine, which went just
> fine. However, next thing I wanted to do was to install gcc47, which
> failed because of a circular dependency in libtool-base:
> libtool-base -> gzip -> xz -> libtool-base
> Any ideas how to overcome this issue? FWIW, gzip 1.2.4 is already
> installed outside of PKGSRC, and can be found via $PATH.

It isn't enough for it to be in $PATH, pkgsrc needs to be told that
specific versions are to be used.

Tools are handled in the mk/tools/tools.*.mk files for each platform,
and AIX does not set a default for gzip, presumably as gzip is not
available by default, hence why pkgsrc is trying to pull in a known

What you need to do is set up the gzip-related variables manually in
your mk.conf, so something like:

  TOOLS_PLATFORM.gunzip=  /path/to/gzip -df
  TOOLS_PLATFORM.gzcat=   /path/to/gzip -cd
  TOOLS_PLATFORM.gzip=    /path/to/gzip -nf ${GZIP}

After this you will need to 'bmake clean clean-depends' before trying

It would be great to have someone maintain AIX again, so let us know
if there's anything we can do to help (add known paths for system
gzip, etc).


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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