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Re: pkgsrc - csup usage

iPhrankie <> writes:

> Hello Everyone,
> I've been using the csup method with pkgsrc. I recently setup a new NetBSD 
> system and went to look at the configuration guide. It
> looks like the mentions of csup have been removed.

Yes, this does not belong to "how-to" documentation.

> You can see the original here:
> us
> Has csup support been removed? I found it really easy to get pkgsrc up and 
> running using this method.

Using HTTP/FTP and/or CVS is definitly easier:
- it doesn't require any special tool that is absent in virtually any operating 
- it doesn't require learning yet another obscure, uncommon, and rarely used 
protocol and tool;
- it doesn't require configuration file.
Besides that, using csup is much less general and thus less useful to new user.

Thus, csup definitly doesn't belong to quick start documentation intended for 
new users.
One may argue that it is some "advanced" way (I'm skeptical about it),
but even then it belongs to some other document, definitly not "quick start" 


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