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Re: davical problems

On Tuesday 22 January 2013 21:05:43 Greg Oster wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jan 2013 20:00:15 +0000
> Dave Tyson <> wrote:
> > Is there anyone using pkgsrc davical under NetBSD and managing to get
> > it to work correctly - or even at all!
> > 
> > I've just built it under NetBSD-6 and used cpan to install DBD::Pg.
> > Gone through the list of things to do: created the postgres DB, added
> > the php stuff and links into apache etc. But when I go to the virtual
> > page for davical I just get a blank page - the access log shows code
> > 200 and 0 bytes transferred and there are no errors in the error log.
> > php seems fine as I can bring up a test page without any issue and
> > postgres is also working OK. So after a day wasted trying all sorts
> > of tricks with php_value include_path etc with no progress I thought
> > I would ask here before heading over to the davical lists...
> I vaguely recall seeing something like this.... but I did manage to get
> davical working.
> Here's what I've added to my php.ini file... maybe this will help:
> Later...
> Greg Oster

Just a quick note to say I have pkgsrc davical (1.1.1) running under 6.99.16 
on I386.  In the end I cleared out all packages and started again. I compiled 
php with the pdo option, added the stuff above to php.ini togther with the 
path and it just worked. I am using it with Postgresql 9.2.2, php 5.4.11, 
apache 2.2.23. You need to remember to do a 'cpan install DBD::Pg'.

A couple of points:

When I created the database using the script it gave some errors regarding  

language "PlPgSQL" does not exist

and later on a load of "relation "relationship" does not exist" errors before 
correctly handing out the admin password. Looking at the table list the 
relationship* stuff was missing. I decided to delete the database and restore 
it from one created with davical 1.0.2. This worked fine and the tables 
appeared complete. Not sure exactly what the problem was as the create 
database script is unchanged between versions. If I spot the cause and its not 
me being stupid I will send-pr it.

When you bring up the admin interface and have a look in setup it complains 
that the AWL Library version is 0.53 rather than the required 0.46. This does 
not seem to cause an issue and looks like the Linux people are using 0.53 

I managed to load my KDE address and Korganiser entries and it looks OK so 
far, but I am still on a (steep) learning curve.

Thanks for the help,

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