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Re: How to become a package maintainer?

Romeo Theriault <> writes:

> Hi, please point me in the correct direction if this is not the place
> to ask this. I've been googling for a while and have been unable to
> determine what the correct way to become a package maintainer is? Or
> if a package needs a maintainer?
> I would like to maintain the sysutils/salt package and it's
> dependencies if needed. The package is currently in pkgsrc but is
> quite out of date so I'm assuming (wrongly?) that it needs a
> maintainer, which I'd be happy to do if needed.
> Any pointers on how one can started?

There are three separate issues: knowing enough to maintain a package,
actually determining and publishing the changes, and having commit

To find out how, read the pkgsrc guide.  Feel free to ask questions.
pkgsrc-wip-discuss at sourceforge may be helpful.  Subscribe to
pkgsrc-changes@ so you can see what commit messages look like.

Then, you can make changes in your local tree and test them (including
pkglint and building with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes).  Then you can file a PR
with the diff and also including the commit message.  Or, you can join
pkgsrc-wip (on sourceforge), and make copies of the packages to be
updated.  Membership (commit rights) in wip is handed out basically for
the asking.  In wip packages, that aren't quite right yet are welcome,
whereas in pkgsrc proper we don't want to update to not-100%-ok versions
or import them.  It's easy for people to review in wip, and for someone
with commit privs to move your changes into pkgsrc proper.

Finally, people are offered commit privileges after they have
consistently made useful contributions that show good judgement over a
period of time.

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