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Re: How to become a package maintainer?

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 1:38 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> There are three separate issues: knowing enough to maintain a package,
> actually determining and publishing the changes, and having commit
> privileges.
> To find out how, read the pkgsrc guide.  Feel free to ask questions.
> pkgsrc-wip-discuss at sourceforge may be helpful.  Subscribe to
> pkgsrc-changes@ so you can see what commit messages look like.

Thanks, I'll subscribe to pkgsrc-wip-discuss.

> Then, you can make changes in your local tree and test them (including
> pkglint and building with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes).  Then you can file a PR
> with the diff and also including the commit message.
>  Or, you can join
> pkgsrc-wip (on sourceforge), and make copies of the packages to be
> updated.  Membership (commit rights) in wip is handed out basically for
> the asking.  In wip packages, that aren't quite right yet are welcome,
> whereas in pkgsrc proper we don't want to update to not-100%-ok versions
> or import them.  It's easy for people to review in wip, and for someone
> with commit privs to move your changes into pkgsrc proper.

All good info to know. Thank you for the pointers, this will get me started.

> Finally, people are offered commit privileges after they have
> consistently made useful contributions that show good judgement over a
> period of time.

Makes sense.


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