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Re: current pkgsrc running on netbsd-6

Darrel <> writes:

> About a month ago I installed beta2 of NetBSD6.  Package vulnerabilities
> was complaining about some of the packages and nothing was updating when
> I ran 'cd /usr/pkgsrc' and 'cvs update -dP'.
> So last night I ran 'cvs update -dPA' and it seems like pkg_chk must
> now be rebuilding most of the installed packages.
> Since the package system is current now, it is my understanding that
> now 'cvs update -dP' will continue to download the latest pkgsrc.  Will
> I potentially have library problems and either:
> 1)  at some point update the system to current instead of netbsd-6
> or
> 2)  at some point run cvs update to perhaps pkgsrc-2012Q3?
> To summarize, do I have a system to pkgsrc mismatch problem?

You basically can't, because the bas system and pkgsrc are independent.
(It is true that current pkgsrrc and NetBSD 2.0 won't work, but any
recent version of pkgsrc tries to support NetBSD 4, 5, 6ish, current,
and I supsect 4 may be dropped when 6 is releaseed.)

Issues you will face:

  when updating pkgsrc, update the whole tree.  partial updates
  basically are unsafe.

  when rebuilding packages, make sure it's done in order.  You can use
  make update, pkg_rr, or remove and pkg_chk, or other techniques.

  when updating to current, you'll want to rebuild osabi, and anything
  that depends on it

  if you update to current (as opposed to reinstall and replace
  /usr/pkg), then any system shlibs that have a new major will still
  have the old major.  This will be ok before you update packages, but
  then when you update you'll get the new major.  So I would mark them
  all dirty and do pkg_rr, but others will have other suggestions.

None of these issues are about pkgsrc version vs base version.  It's
about changing things and not rebuilding things that depend on those
things.  Note that the OS shlib majors are not manifest dependencies,
even though they are actual dependencies.  Hence my 'rebuild everything'

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