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current pkgsrc running on netbsd-6

About a month ago I installed beta2 of NetBSD6.  Package vulnerabilities
was complaining about some of the packages and nothing was updating when
I ran 'cd /usr/pkgsrc' and 'cvs update -dP'.

So last night I ran 'cvs update -dPA' and it seems like pkg_chk must
now be rebuilding most of the installed packages.

Since the package system is current now, it is my understanding that
now 'cvs update -dP' will continue to download the latest pkgsrc.  Will
I potentially have library problems and either:

1)  at some point update the system to current instead of netbsd-6


2)  at some point run cvs update to perhaps pkgsrc-2012Q3?

To summarize, do I have a system to pkgsrc mismatch problem?

Thank you,

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