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Re: issue with atk on pkgsrc-2012Q1

Matthias, all
I found another problem (and the solution maybe?) related.
Fontconfig issue.

When i did launched the amule executable i received a warning

Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output

and all the characters were substituted with square rectangles.
Fontconfig was installed as part of the dependencies to resolve BUT

/usr/pkg/bin/fc-match was not able to find any font.

fontconfig default file /usr/pkg/etc/fontconfig/fonts.conf

stated that fonts must be in


no one of these 'pkg fonts folders' did exist at that point in my

i had to create fonts inside /usr/pkg/lib/X11 and copy inside the
fonts from the linux distribution (they were in /usr/share/fonts)

Maybe these folders must be created by installing fontconfig or maybe
fonts.conf should point to existing folders.
Shouldn't also be a nice idea to install by default also a font as
part of building fontconfig ?

kind regards

2012/6/27 Matthias Drochner <>:
> On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 16:17:11 +0300
> Luca Sironi <> wrote:
>> now i succeeded in 3 ways.
>> 1) by pointing /usr/share to /usr/pkg/share letting untouched the
>> XDG_DATA_DIRS (before reading your answer)
>> 2) by erasing /usr/share from XDG_DATA_DIRS
>> 3) by adding in first place /usr/pkg/share in XDG_DATA_DIRS
>> what do you think is the best approach?
> If you want to set it in your .login, so that it also affects your
> desktop session, #3 is the best IMHO.
>> maybe it can be suggested in
>> the bootstrap script
>> (i was reminded there to add pkg things to the path)
> I don't know what effect the bootstrap script has exactly,
> because I'm only using pkgsrc on NetBSD.
> While it is documented in the g-ir-scanner manpage, I think
> that using XDG_DATA_DIRS in any build tool is wrong.
> It should be either sanitized somewhere in pkgsrc/mk, or
> pkgsrc/devel/gobject-introspection should be patched to
> ignore it. Both are too invasive to be introduced during
> the pkgsrc freeze - I'll look at it later.
> Until then, I suggest to change your environment in one
> of the ways you mentioned. A real fix will come soon.
> best regards
> Matthias
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