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Re: issue with atk on pkgsrc-2012Q1

Hi Matthias, thank you for helping

>> what is /usr/share/gir-1.0 ?
> Apparently part of your Suse installation.

I didn't get if it's used at runtime by some applications like the
overall gnome environment or if it's there because of some
"dev" suse rpm package that i will never use (my idea for compiling
eventual extra software is to use pkgsrc..)
I will check this evening in console, now i'm logged by remote ssh.

> It would be better if it didn't exist, but to avoid that it gets
> picked up, can you have a look at the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment
> variable? If it contains "/usr/share", can you delete it

XDG_DATA_DIRS was /usr/share:/etc/opt/kde3/share:/opt/kde3/share

now i succeeded in 3 ways.
1) by pointing /usr/share to /usr/pkg/share letting untouched the
XDG_DATA_DIRS (before reading your answer)
2) by erasing /usr/share from XDG_DATA_DIRS
3) by adding in first place /usr/pkg/share in XDG_DATA_DIRS

what do you think is the best approach? maybe it can be suggested in
the bootstrap script
(i was reminded there to add pkg things to the path)

kind regards
"tempo" e "voglia" sono sinonimi nel 90% dei casi

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