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Re: Font dependencies

Tim Larson <> writes:

>> We should have a font meta pkg though, that installs all free fonts
>> (assuming fonts don't take long to build nor use any measurable amount of
>> disk space).
> That assumption has problems. Fonts DO take a non-zero amount of
> space, and honestly, many free fonts are garbage. Obviously there are
> some well-known good free fonts (Deja Vu, etc) but I'm not necessarily
> advocating everyone have the exact same installed font set, either.
> I think it much safer and saner to simply make the user responsible
> for installing a reasonable font set for his needs.  If you need
> Cyrillic, install a Cyrillic font.  If you need Hebrew, install a
> Hebrew font.  If program ${foo} doesn't use it properly even though it
> is installed, that's not a pkgsrc problem.

The problem is that there're _no_ abstract Cyrillic fonts.
Other software (e.g. Emacs) worked just fine without installing Deja Vu font.

If we're not going to introduce dependencies, I suggest that we mention
the problem in MESSAGE at least. Otherwise it is very hard to find solution.


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