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Re: Font dependencies

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 11:59:09AM -0500, Tim Larson wrote:
 > I think it much safer and saner to simply make the user responsible
 > for installing a reasonable font set for his needs.  If you need
 > Cyrillic, install a Cyrillic font.  If you need Hebrew, install a
 > Hebrew font.  If program ${foo} doesn't use it properly even though
 > it is installed, that's not a pkgsrc problem.

That's more or less what I meant - but there should be a way for a
package to be able to express that it needs a Hebrew font or whatever.
Having it pick *which* such font you want is obviously wrong.

There should also be at least one font meta-package that installs
decent basic fonts for all alphabets.

David A. Holland

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