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Re: Font dependencies

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 09:21:47PM +0200, herbert langhans wrote:
 > Maybe a firefox-cyrillic package would be practical thing. If you have
 > cyrillic ttfs in your fonts collection, they can be disturbing since
 > they appear in all the other programs too (if you never use them, like
 > in western europe).

Eh, "never". Ideally one should have, by default, a font set that will
display whatever one happens to run into on the internet. Because even
if you can't read the language, you may be able to read the alphabet
and recognize names. (Alphabets are really easy to learn, as a general
rule.) Also, even if you can't, you might sometime have someone
looking over your shoulder who can.

There are a lot of unexpressed font dependencies in pkgsrc though, and
I think we may need more infrastructure to handle them properly. Often
the dependency is not on a specific font but on e.g. a font that
contains this or that set of symbols, or on any fixed-width font, or
things like that. (Also it's not clear that updating my Thai fonts or
something should prompt recompiling Firefox...)

David A. Holland

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