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Re: Unprivileged pkgsrc and multiple mk.conf files

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012, at 11:07, OBATA Akio wrote:
> Please make sure you are using bmake from bootstrap (~/pkg/bin/bmake)
> to build packages. (or MAKECONF=~/pkg/etc/mk.conf with system `make'
> may also works).

Thank you. I was under the impression bmake is just for pkgsrc on non-
NetBSD systems. I have now had some success using bmake but I had some
problems as well. I am investigating these now. With much trial and
error I also found out that custom values in /etc/mk.conf seem to be
honoured. That was my biggest frustration - setting the preferred domain
in MASTER_SITES to .ie seemed to have no effect beforehand but other
custom values in the file are honoured so I'm happy to leave that
problem for now.

> On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:42:35 +0900, Gerard Lally
> <> wrote:
> > I am trying to set up unprivileged pkgsrc in amd64 6 Beta 2.
> >
> > First I untar pkgsrc-2012Q1.bz2 to /home/gerard
> >
> > Then I go to ~/pkgsrc/bootstrap and do
> >
> >     ./bootstrap --unprivileged
> >
> > This process creates the file ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf
> >
> > There is also a file ~/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf
> >
> > In the pkgsrc documentation reference is made to yet another
> > mk.conf, this time in /etc, but I do not have this file.
> >
> > My problem is that the values in ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf are not honoured.
> > LOCALBASE, for example, is ~/pkg in this file, but if I install
> > anything from pkgsrc it goes to /usr/pkg instead. I have tried
> > inserting the ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf values into
> > ~/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf and also into /etc/mk.conf but no
> > matter what combination I try I can't get pkgsrc to honour the
> > values in ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf. Nowhere in the documentation does it
> > say which mk.conf is honoured first, and in which order the others
> > follow.
> >
> > I am slowly finding my way in NetBSD but this one has me stumped. I
> > would like to resolve it before 6 is released as I am going to take
> > the plunge and migrate to NetBSD altogether. Sometimes the
> > documentation is very frustrating. Too many assumptions are made in
> > the pkgsrc guide which not everybody is able to understand. As I
> > follow these mailing lists to the best of my ability I marvel at the
> > work done by NetBSD developers and others but I do think the gaping
> > holes in the documentation and wiki *urgently* need to be addressed.
> > I am not the first person to need clear instructions how to use
> > pkgsrc as an unprivileged user.
> >
> --
> OBATA Akio /

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