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Re: Unprivileged pkgsrc and multiple mk.conf files

Please make sure you are using bmake from bootstrap (~/pkg/bin/bmake) to
build packages.
(or MAKECONF=~/pkg/etc/mk.conf with system `make' may also works).

On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:42:35 +0900, Gerard Lally <> 

I am trying to set up unprivileged pkgsrc in amd64 6 Beta 2.

First I untar pkgsrc-2012Q1.bz2 to /home/gerard

Then I go to ~/pkgsrc/bootstrap and do

        ./bootstrap --unprivileged

This process creates the file ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf

There is also a file ~/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf

In the pkgsrc documentation reference is made to yet another mk.conf, this
time in /etc, but I do not have this file.

My problem is that the values in ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf are not honoured.
LOCALBASE, for example, is ~/pkg in this file, but if I install anything
 from pkgsrc it goes to /usr/pkg instead. I have tried inserting the
~/pkg/etc/mk.conf values into ~/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf and also into
/etc/mk.conf but no matter what combination I try I can't get pkgsrc to
honour the values in ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf. Nowhere in the documentation does
it say which mk.conf is honoured first, and in which order the others

I am slowly finding my way in NetBSD but this one has me stumped. I would
like to resolve it before 6 is released as I am going to take the plunge
and migrate to NetBSD altogether. Sometimes the documentation is very
frustrating. Too many assumptions are made in the pkgsrc guide which not
everybody is able to understand. As I follow these mailing lists to the
best of my ability I marvel at the work done by NetBSD developers and
others but I do think the gaping holes in the documentation and wiki
*urgently* need to be addressed. I am not the first person to need clear
instructions how to use pkgsrc as an unprivileged user.

OBATA Akio /

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