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pkgsrc freeze starts 2012/06/16 at 23:59 UTC

Just a quick heads-up -- we intend to start the freeze to the pkgsrc
repository in preparation for the pkgsrc-2012Q2 branch on 16th June
2012 at 23:59 UTC.

This means that we disallow changes to the pkgsrc infrastructure, and
we also don't have any new pkgsrc entries added - the idea behind that
is that we can concentrate on what we already have in pkgsrc, and
making the branch more useful for everyone by doing this.

Security updates to packages are allowed (for obvious reasons), and
updates to leaf packages (at the start) - we usually firm that up,
though, as the freeze continues. In keeping with the goals for the
freeze, we discourage non-leaf packages being updated, to try to avoid
possible side-effects.

We expect the freeze to last in the region of two weeks - at the end,
we will have a brand new pkgsrc-2012Q2 branch.

With best wishes,

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