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Re: Is anyone working on SUA (formerly Interix)

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 3:46 PM, Chavdar Ivanov <> 

> You could create local 'root' user and add him to the local
> Administrators group.

Yeah, that's what I did.

> BTW SUA is being deprecated - W8 will be the last one to have it.
So I've heard. :(

> I also tend to install SUA on every Windows box I use regularly,
> together with, say,
> . or from . I've done
> a few times pkgsrc bootstrap under Windows, but nowadays I tend to run
> xBSD or Solaris either in some VM or multiboot.

That's the direction I'm heading in, and will be heading in more
rapidly when I get more things to play with again. ;-)
I'd probably be using xen right now if it had drm support; this is.
Even in linux, support for that was only added IIRC about a year ago.
But there are far more pressing concerns to address with regard to our
drm code, to say the least.  I'm just waiting on the hardware, then I
can get to try to make it work without really knowing what I'm doing
as I used to do a few years ago, which will be fun ... ;-)


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