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setting up the patches dir & distinfo

Greetings all,
  So I'm having a go at upgrading a package that the upstream has
re-released, gnuplot specifically.  I created
/usr/pkgsrc/local/gnuplot and ran url2pkg.  So far no sweat.  I copy
over the appropriate bits from the 4.4 Makefile and integrate them
into the 4.6 Makefile, still fine.  The build fails because of some
relocated .h files so I fix that following the example of the 4.4
distribution in 2012Q1.  Now the build runs better, but after running
mkpatches on the .orig files and doing:

$ (cd patches; sha1 *) >> distinfo
$ make clean
$ make

He dies with:
Ignoring patch file
invalid checksum

What's the right thing to do?

Phil Rulon
Everts Air Cargo

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