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Re: [HEADS UP] packages not supporting destdir

On Sun, Apr 01, 2012 at 01:24:32PM +0200, Thomas Klausner wrote:
 > aqsis-0.6.4nb9
 > arla-0.43nb2
 > ispman-0.5nb5
 > sope-4.5.4nb9
 > octave-forge-2006.03.17nb7
 > ocsigen-0.6.0nb4

See other thread. 

ispman and sope are already removal candidates in the other thread.
aqsis and octave-forge should probably be reworked rather than
dropped. I'll undertake to try to update aqsis after the freeze.

as noted over there, arla should probably be deprecated in favor of

there's an ocsigen update in gnats and I think it adds destdir support.

 > cross-i386-cygwin32-
 > cross-i386-linux-
 > cross-i386-msdosdjgpp-2.02.0nb2

These are ancient gcc builds and I'd say they aren't worth fixing
unless someone wants to update them.

 > cvsup-16.1.hnb2
 > cvsup-gui-16.1.hnb3
 > ezm3-1.2nb2

modula-3 is from hell. I would strongly advocate deleting ezm3 with
prejudice and if anyone really cares rewriting cvsup in some other
less harmful language, like Intercal or TECO macros.

You can't even develop modula-3 *applications* except as root, because
the language's defective concept of modules and packages requires
scribbling intermediate compile results in system directories. Except
for some trivial/tiny programs. I wish I were kidding.

 > gcc3-ada-3.3.6
 > gcc34-ada-3.4.6nb1

As with florist my understanding from last time around was that these
should be killed off.

 > gdbada-6.3nb3

Not sure about this one.

 > ghc-6.8.3nb2
 > darcs-2.0.2nb4
 > wxhaskell-0.9.4nb19

We really should not remove ghc. How are the ghc packages in wip? If
they're at all serviceable we should pull them over. With luck that
will bring in enough support for Haskell native packages to make darcs
and wxhaskell behave themselves. Although wxhaskell at least will
probably need updating.

 > objc-3.2.6

This will not work on NetBSD without some significant hacking; it
expects to be able to handle /usr/include but doesn't know about
necessary things like __RENAME.

I have no idea if it's worth fixing or not.

 > nhc98-1.18nb2

PR 45318 contains an update with DESTDIR support.

 > nn-6.7.3

I will have a look at this. Newsreaders aren't important any more, and
I never liked nn much anyhow, but removing it seems Wrong.

 > hanzim-1.3nb1

I have no idea what the deal with this one is except that it can't be
built in pbulk because it does crazy things at install time. Which is
probably not unrelated to not having DESTDIR support.

 > pnetC-0.6.6nb2

I don't remember exactly why I think so (I think had the displeasure
of looking inside it at one point) but I remember concluding that this
package wasn't worth spending any energy on. Although I'm not
absolutely certain I'm not thinking of something else...

 > jessie-1.0.1
 > ruby193-thrift-0.7.0nb1
 > ruby193-thrift_client-0.7.1
 > sysinfo-3.5.1

I don't even know what these are...

David A. Holland

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