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Re: rant about KDE

On Thursday 29 March 2012 01:12:27 Mark Davies wrote:

<rant trimmed to save bandwidth>

> I certainly dont want to endorse anything about the direction kdepim
> is going.
> However I will just note that in order to get korganiser to use an ics
> file (like the one that was the default a couple of minor versions
> ago) you do this:
> Run "akonadiconsole", select "Add" then "ICal Calendar File". In
> filename give the path to your .ics file
> Then in korganizer, click on the "+" in the Calendars section and
> select "Akonadi (Provides access to caledars stored in Akonadi
> calendar folders)"
> Thats it.  I'm not a heavy user of korganizer but doing the above got
> my old entries back and allowed me to add new entries.
> cheers
> mark

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the info, that at least allows me to stick with my current setup.
Maybe I need to spend some quality time playing with the akonadi as it's a bit 
of a black box to me at present.

Respect for the work you are doing, most of KDE just works on NetBSD thanks to 
you and other peoples efforts.


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