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Re: rant about KDE

On Thu, 29 Mar 2012, Dave Tyson wrote:
> I discovered the reason I had problems with the slightly newer
> korganiser 4.4.11 is due to the KDE developers deciding to remove
> the default option of storing the calendar in a single file local
> file (icsout.ics). This option no longer exists and no conversion
> is done automatically. You may have the old file in the right
> place, but the newer version of the software just ignores it -
> great for continuity. Don't forget this is just a two minor point
> release change, its not like e.g. going from 4.4 to 4.5.
> OK, having all your events/journal entries in one file is probably
> a bad idea, but it was the default. So you just export all the
> stuff from the older version and bite the bullet and opt for a
> directory containing one file per event/journal.  So you go
> through the menu and go to create the directory - You would prefer
> it somewhere like it used to be, say a directory in .kde or .local
> so it cannot be accidently deleted - but you find that KDE won't
> allow you to have hidden files in paths. So you lie and create it
> as xxxx in your home directory, import the calendar entries,
> rename xxxx to the directory to what you fancy and think you will
> fix it by editing the korganizerrc file. Wrong!  The cretins who
> wrote KDE didn't put the name of the calendar file there, noooo! 
> it's in file kdeglobals. For crying out loud - why?

I certainly dont want to endorse anything about the direction kdepim 
is going.

However I will just note that in order to get korganiser to use an ics 
file (like the one that was the default a couple of minor versions 
ago) you do this:

Run "akonadiconsole", select "Add" then "ICal Calendar File". In 
filename give the path to your .ics file

Then in korganizer, click on the "+" in the Calendars section and 
select "Akonadi (Provides access to caledars stored in Akonadi 
calendar folders)"

Thats it.  I'm not a heavy user of korganizer but doing the above got 
my old entries back and allowed me to add new entries.


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