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Is Asterisk running stable for anyone on NetBSD? Alternatives?


I'm wondering if Asterisk is running stable for anyone on NetBSD?

I tried running Asterisk 1.8 in various versions, the higher the version, the 
more unstable it got. Now with Asterisk 10, it goes so far as to crash the 
WHOLE BOX, eating _ALL_ memory and _ALL_ CPU after just a few seconds already. 
According to ktrace, it's stuck in a loop where it always calls gettimeofday. 
Looking with gdb, it seems to be stuck in a pthread condition. I'm running 
NetBSD 5.0 on amd64.

So I'm wondering: Is anybody actually using this? I have had these problems for 
years and it never ran even 24h without crashing, hanging or even trying to 
bring down the whole system. And now with Asterisk 10, everything got much 

If somebody is actually using it, how well does it work for you?

Any ideas what's going wrong here? All I'm using Asterisk for is as SIP proxy 
(it connects to one SIP server and acts as a SIP server itself).

Is there any alternative to Asterisk? I tried Freeswitch, but that would not 
build at all - I gave up after fixing about 15 bugs that prevented it compiling 
when I found one where they relied on CPU-specific things and did not even know 
that the AMD64 architecture exists, only x86…


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