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Re: Question on gcc for pkgsrc with centos/rhel


From: Daniel Vergien <>, Date: Sat, 
17 Mar 2012 20:02:43 +0100

> Hi,
> I'm trying out pkgsrc on centos. I have gcc ang gcc-c++ installed from
> the systems repositories (version 4.1.2). Bootstraping works fine, but
> when I want to compile packages like lang/perl5 it pulls in
> lang/gcc3-c and other packages pull in lang/gcc34. I wonder why this
> is like that. I tried to set CC, CXX in mk.conf like I was used to
> when I used sunpro on solaris, but it did not change something.
> Do I really need to build all these compilers?

On my CentOS/i386 6.2 and CentOS/i386 5.7 test environment,
there is no such behavior.

Could you disclose your mk.conf and "echo $PATH"?
I will try with your settings.

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