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Re: SOLVED: Anyone have firefox working on i386?

On Sat, Mar 03, 2012 at 07:23:47PM -0500, Anne Bennett wrote:
> Many, many hours of investigation later, I have firefox (8 from
> the pkgsrc binary distribution) running.
> If the stacksize limit in the invoking shell is 8188 kbytes or
> smaller, it works fine.  As soon as the stacksize limit is 8189
> kbytes or greater, it quietly fails to open its main window.
> I have absolutely no idea why this would be the case; I'm not even
> sure where to report this bug, which presumably is with firefox.

I've seen this with multi-threaded applications - when the additional
threads' stacks are allocated, the stacksize limit is used, and some
other limit might get hit and make your application fail.


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