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Re: The latest packages

Aleksey Cheusov <> responds to my questions:

>> (1) why doesn't the symlink 5.0 point to the 2011Q4 version
>> yet, and (2) why is there not 2011Q4 for 5.1?
> This is a well known issue discussed several times in different places.

You are right, and I think this has even been explained to me before
a few months ago with respect to different versions.  I apologize for
forgetting and asking again, but I would humbly point out that until
this information is available where people look for information about
using pkgsrc, this will continue to come up.

One place a note could be inserted might be "The pkgsrc guide",
section 4.1.1. "Finding binary packages".

However the place that would have helped me most is in the right
sidebar of
where we have "Latest stable branch: pkgsrc-2011Q4"; perhaps a link
to another page that recommends versions of binaries to use for
various situations could be put there?  That way, non-pkgsrc-gurus
like me might be saved a lot of confusion and frustration.

> The problem is that noone runs bulk builds for 5.1/i386/2011Q4.
> Solution: binaries for 5.0/i386/2011Q4 + 5.0_branchindep/All/compat50-5.1.tgz

Okay, I am implementing that now.  It would be helpful to have
compat50-5.1 in pkgsrc, but I did find and download the above
tarball.  Comparing it against my current system revealed only
one difference, so I replaced my /usr/X11R7/lib/
and am hoping for the best.

I will now start upgrading my packages.

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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