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The latest packages

I'm running 5.1_STABLE on i386, and need to re-install my packages
in a desperate attempt to resolve a firefox problem described in
another thread.

The web site (
states that the latest stable branch is pkgsrc-2011Q4, so I might
as well update from 2011Q3.  Ideally, for most packages, I'd just
as soon use the precompiled binary.  I'm trying to figure out what
to set "PKG_PATH" to in pkg_install.conf.  We have:
  5.0 -> 5.0.2_2011Q3 (despite the fact that 5.0.2_2011Q4 exists)
  5.1 -> 5.1_2011Q3

Each of 5.0.2_2011Q3, 5.0.2_2011Q4, and 5.1_2011Q3 has an "All"
directory, which I understand contains pre-compiled binaries.
These directories contain:

  5.0.2_2011Q3: 10638 packages, files dated July to December 2011
  5.0.2_2011Q4: 11402 packages, files dated Jan 13, 2012 to yesterday
  5.1_2011Q3:    9174 packages, files dated November 2011

I would tend to want to set 

but: (1) why doesn't the symlink 5.0 point to the 2011Q4 version
yet, and (2) why is there not 2011Q4 for 5.1?   Is there somewhere
obvious that I've missed where this information is available?

I don't want to start this long process (I have nearly 600 packages
installed) only to find I've used the wrong thing...

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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