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Re: [HEADS UP] Removing python24 and python25


Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> We have gramps3 in pkgsrc, so I don't have problems with removing these two.

It would be really nice to have consistent style in pkgsrc for these cases.

In particular, some packages follow the convention of "pkgname" is the latest
version, "pkgnamesuffix" is some alternative version, other packages provide
"pkgname" as version 1, "pkgname2" as version like in this case. I understand
that for some software this may not work nice, and package always has a version,
but could we agree on some generic convention? If we follow such convention
the proposal like "lets' remove databases/gramps" wouldn't start questions
since it would be clear that it is some alternative version to be removed.

As for the main subject, I oppose removal of python25. It has only been a year,
many people might not have converted. It would be better if we start announcing
such changes a release ahead. In my opinion, we release frequently enough to do
this. If you mean that having a package in pkgsrc means that we assume some sort
of responsibility, I think we could safely announce that python25 is scheduled
for removal and thus we are not going to care of it any longer.


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