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Re: [HEADS UP] Removing python24 and python25

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Hi!
> Python 2.4 has been EOL'd upstream in 2008,
> Python 2.5 has been EOL'd upstream in 2011.

I think it makes sense to drop python 2.4 right now.  It seems the only
reason anyone deals with it is that there is a culture of running
particular ancient versions of Linux and only using the builtin python
support (I find this totally boggling, but it's what I observe).

2.5 does not feel so ancient and crufty that it should be summarily

> I suggest we remove these packages from pkgsrc.

Some of these are probably candidates for removal on their own merits --
if they pass one of the tests "it's reasonable to tell users that they
are lame for not having upgraded" or "it is unmaintained for so long
(multiple years) that no reasonable person should still be using it".
I suspect databases/gramps is an example of the first, and maybe gramps2
(but maybe not).

> I found the following packages that depend on these versions:
> databases/gramps/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=   25 24
> databases/gramps2/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=  25 24
> devel/py-ctypes/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=    24
> textproc/py-FourSuite/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=      25 24
> textproc/py-gdick/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=  25
> www/plone25/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=        24
> www/plone3/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED= 24

This seems funny.  I had thought plone was still viable.  Maybe pkgsrc
is just behind.

> www/zope-ejsplitter/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=        24
> www/zope-jamailhost/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=        24
> www/zope210/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=        24
> www/zope211/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=        24
> www/zope29/Makefile:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED= 24
> www/zope3/Makefile.common:PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED=   24

same comment as plone.

> Please take a look and check if these packages really depend on the
> old python versions or if they work with newer versions as well.


> I plan to remove the python24 and python25 packages and infrastructure
> support after the next branch.

I'm in favor of python24 removal (now), and opposed to python25 removal
(in April 2012, but later in the year might be ok).

It's interesting that all the packages that would be dropped by losing
24 appear to be old and unmaintained anyway; that's perhaps a clue that
24 is no longer relevant.

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