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Re: Anyone have firefox working on i386?

> But it does suggest that firefox is *not* doing anything weird in
> terms of direct access to the graphics card, which seems an unlikely
> scenario in any case (but I've been grasping at straws!).

> For now, I'm going to try comparing the ktruss output from both
> firefoxes, and hope something strikes me as significant...

Well, well, well.  Firefox 6 opens:


... none of which are attempted by firefox3.  What the hey!?!?!!
There must be some way to tell it not to do that; for example, 
it can't possibly be doing that if displaying remotely over ssh X
forwarding.  But that might not be it:

If I try ssh into the local machine with X forwarding such that
DISPLAY is localhost:10.0, my attempt to start firefox results in:
   Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display "localhost:10.0"
(probably harmless), but no window once again.  However, this time
"truss" doesn't show the above files being accessed (instead,
"/usr/X11R7/lib/" is used).

Under the same (remote to local host via ssh) conditions, firefox36
behaves badly as well: it opens a window and seems to start fine,
but the top 80% of the window turns white as soon as soon as there's
more than one tab present.  No such problems with a firefox3 running
on a Linux host and displaying to my machine.

I think this is not an X problem, or not just an X problem.  My
firefox 6 is a sick puppy, and it looks as though under remote
display conditions, even my firefox 3 is unhappy.

I must have hosed my libraries somehow, but a dependency check
(make run-depends-list) shows everything there that should be there.

I can't think of anything to try other than rebuilding everything,
but that's going to be painful and time-consuming.  If anyone has any
other ideas, please let me know.

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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