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Re: Fwd: Couple of questions about kde 4.8 in pkg-wip

On Monday 06 February 2012 09:54:16 Dave Tyson wrote:
> After a couple of minor issues I managed to get the kde 4.8 package
> installed and tried out a few things. I noticed that kmail failed to
> work because akonadi couldn't find mysql. A bit of poking around showed
> that akonadi 1.7 in wip doesnt have any buildlink statments for
> qt4-mysql and mysql-server which would account for the problem.

akonadi in wip defaults to sqlite.  If you want to use mysql you need to 
set the mysql option.

> Is there a reason why kdepim4 and kdepim-runtime4 are back release
> compared to the rest of the components?

Because kmail2 doesn't work well in my environment, there are lots of 
issues with it discussed on the kdepim mailing list, and Sverre had issues 
when he tried it recently.  At some point I'll probably make it possible 
to either use the latest kdepim or the current 4.4 one but I'm in no hurry 
to use kmail2.


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