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Re: Fwd: Couple of questions about kde 4.8 in pkg-wip

On Sunday 05 February 2012 13:54:16 Dave Tyson wrote:
> Hi,
> j
> ust been having a play around with the latest pkgsrc current and wip to try
> out kde 4..8
> After a couple of minor issues I managed to get the kde 4.8 package
> installed and tried out a few things. I noticed that kmail failed to work
> because akonadi couldn't find mysql. A bit of poking around showed that
> akonadi 1.7 in wip doesnt have any buildlink statments for qt4-mysql and
> mysql-server which would account for the problem. I haven't tried adding
> buildlink statements yet, but loading mysql-server package separately
> didn't change the error - I didn't really expect this to work :-)

You are right, akonadi should have the buildlink files added. I turns out, 
however, that if the database packages are installed, the akonadi 
configuration step picks them up even without the buildlink files

That said, there are issues with the akonadi-mysql communication. I get 
frequent errors like this one:

Error during selection of all records from table "CollectionTable" "MySQL 
server has gone away QMYSQL: Unable to execute query" 

> Is there a reason why kdepim4 and kdepim-runtime4 are back release compared
> to the rest of the components?

I attempted to run kmail2 (from KDE 4.8RC2) for about 3 weeks. It was slow, it 
would randomly stop working and overall was a pain in the butt. When I 
installed the released version, it refused to show any of my emails. I finally 
gave up and reinstalled the version that is in wip/kdepim4. I was never sure 
if I were fighting bugs in kmail, elsewhere in KDE or in some of the support 
systems like dbus. It seems the other KDE 4.8 applications work well despite 
the errors that I see in the outout. They also work better than the 4.6 
versions we had in wip before -- at least for me. For kmail the opposite is 

To run searches in kmail2 you also need the viruoso database (which is also 
used by the semantic desktop). This is another piece that is not working well 
at the moment.


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