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Re: postgresql91 build with libxml

"Filip Hajny" <> writes:

> On 31. 1. 2012, at 5:12, Phillip Rulon wrote:
>> So the library is installed and version is OK, but I'm baffled as to
>> how to integrate it to the postgresql build setup.  Do I need to alter
>> the .buildlink hierarchy?  or is there another hack that I've missed.
> Yes, you need to add this to Makefile.common:
> .include "../../textproc/libxml2/"

I guess the real question is should xml support (I'm not clear what that
means) be on by default, or an option?
pgsql is not small, but it has remarkably few dependencies so far.
But libxml2 only drags in xmlcatmgr.

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